investment in innovation

A selection of InnovIQ and international research concerning the productivity of investment in innovation provides a basic context for the InnovIQ business:
  • It takes 3000 raw ideas to create 1 success in the market - Stevens & Burley
  • Only 0.2% of patents are commercially viable - USPTO
  • The level of R&D expenditure has no direct effect on innovation output - Booz Allen
  • Companies spending the most on R&D are not launching more innovative products - PA Consulting
  • The average R&D project has a negative Net Present Value (NPV) - Boston Consulting Group
  • Investment tends to be skewed to incremental changes - Various
  • Areas of heavy investment are often the least productive - Various
  • Low termination rates / 'Walking Dead' projects predominate - Various
  • Innovation cannot be measured by R&D expenditure, patents or capital - Various